Turkey Time

The Panrimo offices are full of pre-Thanksgiving cheer and we’ve combined this with our obvious international inclinations to bring you:


First up, American English. Turkeys are well known and well eaten on the North American continent. So their cry of “Gobble gobble gobble” should come as no surprise. (Please note the historically appropriate headgear)

Our second turkey hails from the European nation of Belgium. It should come as no surprise that Belgian turkeys quite enjoy a nice stack of waffles, washed down with Duvel. Afterwards they remark on the deliciousness with their call of “Irka kloek kloek.”

No turkey gathering would be complete without the high-class French turkey. Easily the most refined of birds, he often coos “Glou glou” towards the rising spires of that most French of buildings, the Eiffel Tower.

Finally, we have Mexican turkey. Quite a rebel, he likes to conceal his true identity behind his Lucha Libre mask, which pairs well with his festive sombrero. His cry of “Goro goro goro” strikes fear into the heart of those hoping to eat him for Thanksgiving.

So now you know. Armed with your new international turkey knowledge, go forth and have an excellent holiday, Panroamers!