Packing is HARD

So, I can’t be the only one who puts off packing for a big trip until the last minute. I read up on all the tips on Pinterest and watch countless videos about the best[…]

Travel Safe, Travel Smart

Whether your trip is going to last 1 week or 1 year, a safe traveler is an informed traveler. Guidebooks and travel agencies are always good sources of information, but for the most up-to-date info,[…]

Passing through Social Faux Pas in London

While England and the US share a de facto official language (English, although legally the US has no official language), it’s clear that cultures and customs remain distinct, and occasionally incompatible. Navigating social situations can become[…]

How to survive a 17-hour flight

Yesterday a college friend called and asked me to attend his wedding. It takes place in less than two months. It wasn’t the short notice that surprised me. It was where the wedding is to[…]