Movement Science

Movement Science applies the principles of mechanics to human movement as it relates to areas such as exercise physiology, exercise and sport psychology, motor behavior, and neuroscience. Movement Science understands how to use movement to[…]

Chemical Engineering Water

Water and Chemical Engineering

We all know chemical engineering is pretty cool, right? What other field combines physics and chemistry with microbiology and biochemistry, and also gets to use math? So much fun! Chemical engineers create products and materials[…]

Science in Denmark

  Scientific information is highly valued in Denmark, and there are many opportunities to explore what has already been uncovered, in addition to researching new discoveries. “Danish researchers and companies have been successful in securing EU[…]

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

When you become a Biomedical Engineer, you will learn how to take traditional engineering principles and apply them to medicine and biology. Working in manufacturing, universities, hospitals, research facilities and government agencies, biomedical engineers design[…]