Dublin Excursion: Northern Ireland

In addition to exploring on your own, when you intern with Panrimo, four excursions for every program are included. If you intern in Dublin, one excursion will be a trip to Northern Ireland. On this fantastic day trip,[…]

Civil Engineering in Dublin

Civil Engineering in Dublin is alive and well. Walk around any part of Dublin right now and you’ll see construction everywhere, because of the Luas project. Luas Cross City Luas Construction Works The city is[…]

Where the World Vacations

Spring is here and with it comes the inevitable urge to travel during the upcoming summer months. Though the vast majority of Americans travel domestically, there are still those who wander farther. These are the[…]


Looking for cosy wooden booths, Gaelic beer on tap and a friendly, no-nonsense bartender who will spin you a yarn? There’s a reason Irish pubs have become a worldwide phenomenon. You’ve doubtless been to one[…]

Wish, Kiss, and Touch

The new year is here! 2015 is the year for travel and discovery, and all the personal wealth that comes with it. We’ve put together a list of places for you to go this year[…]