Unwinding While Traveling

While many people travel for relaxation, the act of traveling can sometimes get stressful. Catching flights, buses, trains, boats, etc. Trying your best not to forget to pack something. Getting homesick. Getting lost. There are[…]

An Ode to Chacos

If you are traveling in the near future, here is a lifesaving (more like foot saving) tip: do yourself a favor and invest in some Chacos. To express my love for the most comfortable, durable[…]

Catch Her If You Can

 “I choose to face the world” is the motto of this confident, adventurous, inspiring young traveler, Kim Charters. Hailing from Bay City, Michigan, this 19 year old is taking on the world one country at[…]

Why NAFSA is worth it

My colleague Paul Green and I returned this morning from attending two regional international educators conferences; one in Champaign, Illinois, the other in Louisville, Kentucky. I had a great time. It’s like dating a great[…]