Movement Science

Movement Science applies the principles of mechanics to human movement as it relates to areas such as exercise physiology, exercise and sport psychology, motor behavior, and neuroscience. Movement Science understands how to use movement to[…]

Science in Denmark

  Scientific information is highly valued in Denmark, and there are many opportunities to explore what has already been uncovered, in addition to researching new discoveries. “Danish researchers and companies have been successful in securing EU[…]

Copenhagen Intern Abroad


Copenhagen, the city with more bicycles than people!   There are 14 different areas of the city, including the Meatpacking District and Nørrebro. The Meatpacking District was originally home to the meat industry, but now[…]

Iceland Intern Abroad


Reykjavík, the world’s northernmost capital! This is a popular area to visit, because where else can you find Middle Earth, right next to Mars, right next to Alaska? Reykjavík is a city that is small[…]

“be here—“, a guest poem

Bethany Rogers is a Michigan native who enjoys coffee, traveling, running, the moon, wine and puns. Here, swoon at her poetry with me: be here — “Let’s get outta here,” adventure cries, her scattered little soul[…]

Ah, nothing like Autumn in Prague

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” –L.M. Montgomery I got into the great routine of running everyday while I was in Prague. I knew I wanted to spend as[…]