Love Makes the World Go ‘Round

Here it comes…the day when couples are expected to shower each with love and expensive gifts, while their singleton friends gather together to get drunk, defiant and depressed. Well that’s what happens in the States,[…]

December 25: Not Just Jolly

The fact that December 25 is Christmas shouldn’t come as a shock (if it does: Surprise!) As with any other day of the year, a lot happens on the 25th of December: births, deaths, marriages, intrigue,[…]

Turkey Time

The Panrimo offices are full of pre-Thanksgiving cheer and we’ve combined this with our obvious international inclinations to bring you: PANRIMO’S CURSORY INTERNATIONAL GUIDE TO TURKEY SOUNDS First up, American English. Turkeys are well known[…]

As American as…

The 4th of July. The birthday of the United States of America, it’s a celebration of summer, sunshine, and all the best homegrown traditions. Which got us to thinking: just what exactly IS as American[…]

Christmas in China

China has been red, politically, since 1949. And over the past decade in December urban centers in China literally become red. Walk down a busy Beijing street in December and it’s like you’re in the[…]