Cultural Comfort Foods: Panamanian Edition

Comfort food is universal. While cuisines may vary from country to country, or even between different regions within the same country, there are always dishes that remind people of family, security, home. Sure, we can talk[…]

Play With Your Food

Do you like to get creative with your food, or harbor a secret passion for a good food fight? If you answered “yes” to any of those queries, or if you have just started flinging[…]

Have You Had Your Fruit Today?

‘Tis the season…of the mirabelle in France- Lorraine, France (home of the quiche) to be exact! Lorraine is a region located in northeastern France, still referred to by many as Alsace-Lorraine, though the two regions[…]

Florence: Open your mouth and your mind

I have several initial, unfettered, pure thoughts on being in Florence for 4 days: The clean streets are completely walkable giving off an “old Europe” charm. So much cheap wine and natural, fresh, local, great-tasting[…]