Reykjavik Excursion Panrimo

Game of Thrones Iceland Excursion

When you intern in Iceland, one of the excursions Panrimo provides is a tour of the Þingvellir National Park, which was featured in Season 4 of Game of Thrones. Follow the trail of the Wildlings from North[…]

Copenhagen Excursion Denmark

Carlsberg Brewery Excursion

When you intern in Copenhagen one of the excursions that comes along with is a tour of Carlsberg Brewery. Not only is it really cool to see the history of the place, but the tour[…]

Excursion to Glasgow

  When you intern in Edinburgh, one of your excursions will be to the city of Glasgow. Located on the River Clyde, Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and is an easy train ride[…]

Dublin Excursion: Northern Ireland

In addition to exploring on your own, when you intern with Panrimo, four excursions for every program are included. If you intern in Dublin, one excursion will be a trip to Northern Ireland. On this fantastic day trip,[…]

Staying Healthy While Traveling

Changing altitude, people from all over the globe, different climate–OH MY! How on earth is a traveler supposed to stay healthy while roaming? Here are a few quick and very easy tips on how to[…]

Green With Envy: Chartreuse and Voiron

Hidden in the Chartreuse Mountains, Carthusian monks have been producing a spirit since 1605 within the sacred halls of the Grande Chartreuse Monastery (established in 1084!). Although visitors are prohibited from entering the monastery, they can tour[…]