Ah, nothing like Autumn in Prague

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” –L.M. Montgomery I got into the great routine of running everyday while I was in Prague. I knew I wanted to spend as[…]

Unwinding While Traveling

While many people travel for relaxation, the act of traveling can sometimes get stressful. Catching flights, buses, trains, boats, etc. Trying your best not to forget to pack something. Getting homesick. Getting lost. There are[…]

“Be Where Your Feet Are”

  The saying that started it all, for me. If you follow me on Instagram (@chucklesponcho), you may have noticed that in many of my photos the prominent subject is my feet. I take a[…]

Safe, not sorry—Top 5 Travel Safety Tips

Safety when traveling should be of utmost importance to all travelers—especially those of you who may be embarking on your first trip or study abroad in the near future. These basic safety tips will help[…]