October Fest(s)

With the month half over, many people are starting the countdown to one of the biggest parties of the year: Halloween. What they don’t realize is how many other festivals they could be celebrating in[…]

Animals on Ice

Iceland is portrayed as the country of ice and volcanoes. A cold, barren, sparsely populated region of the world that is great for Vikings and geologists, but not so great for anything else, right? None[…]

The Musical Isle

Irish music is one of the few indigenous music styles to have attained both international popularity and commercial success. Though traditional music styles do not often translate well when played for audiences outside of their[…]

Carrying on the Tradition

We all have our favorite cultural traditions. Whether it’s celebrating 4th of July in the US, Bastille Day in France, or Holi with our Indian friends, each culture brings it’s own unique heritage and traditions[…]

The Grand Football Legacy of Italy

They may not have made it to the semi-final rounds in the World Cup this year, but Italy is still home to some of the fiercest soccer teams in the world. Check out our top[…]

These Hallowed Halls

Top 7 French Museums France has produced some of the most influential painters, sculptors, dramatists, writers, and philosophers in history, so it’s no surprise that France boasts some of the most incredible museum collections in[…]