Manage Your Manners

During the 5 years I lived in Japan I committed my fair share of cultural faux pas. Dressing incorrectly, saying the wrong thing, exposing my misunderstanding of basic social rules… I unwittingly checked all of[…]

Play With Your Food

Do you like to get creative with your food, or harbor a secret passion for a good food fight? If you answered “yes” to any of those queries, or if you have just started flinging[…]

Animation Innovation

When it comes to dominance in the field of animation, Japan and the USA usually get most of the credit for groundbreaking characters and massively popular franchises. This severely maligns the contributions of many other[…]

Wandering through Wales, Part 2

Ready to resume the trip through Wales? Having regained the energy lost exploring castles and the Caerleon Amphitheatre, it’s time to hit the road and explore the wilderness, both above and below ground. You’re off[…]

Passing through Social Faux Pas in London

While England and the US share a de facto official language (English, although legally the US has no official language), it’s clear that cultures and customs remain distinct, and occasionally incompatible. Navigating social situations can become[…]

Wandering Through Wales, Part 1

For a country represented by a red dragon, Wales is decidedly green. With rolling hills dotted with lochs stretching hundreds of acres, you’d think the dragon would be easily seen. Of course, while the myth[…]