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Black hole models contradicted by hands-on tests at Sandia’s Z machine

A long-standing but unproven assumption about the X-ray spectra of black holes in space has been contradicted by hands-on experiments performed at Sandia National Laboratories’ Z machine.

How Can a Cat Survive a High-Rise Fall? Physics!

Sometimes a cat will fall out of a window or balcony-a byproduct, no doubt, of a cat doing cat things. If you have a house cat, your feline’s propensity for aerial shenanigans probably doesn’t worry you that much: Cats falling from low windows can use their righting reflex to land on their feet like nothing even happened.

Molecules chilled below Doppler limit

A team of researchers working at the Centre for Cold Matter, Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College London, has found a way to chill molecules much closer to absolute zero. In their paper published in the journal Nature Physics, …

Physicists Caught A Rare Neutrino Interaction With The …

Of all the particles in the world of particle physics, neutrinos are by far the shyest. They don’t like to socialize with other particles, and generally keep to themselves. A hundred trillion neutrinos pass through you every second, but it would take a week for just one to interact with a single particle in your body.

Scientists capture first X-rays from thermonuclear supernova – Futurity

A team of scientists appear to have detected the first X-rays coming from a type Ia supernova. Astronomers are fond of type Ia supernovas, created when a white dwarf star in a two-star system undergoes a thermonuclear explosion, because they burn at a specific brightness.

Was the Origin of Life a Fluke? Or Was It Physics?

Understanding the origin of life is arguably one of the most compelling quests for humanity. This quest has inevitably moved beyond the puzzle of life on Earth to whether there’s life elsewhere in the universe. Is life on Earth a fluke? Or is life as natural as the universal laws of physics?