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5 Hidden Costs Of Not Interning Before You Graduate

Summer break has finally arrived. College students may have plans to spend time at the beach, lake, or music festivals. Relaxation is important, but they may not realize that there are hidden costs if they don’t use this time to complete an internship before they graduate.


The Thing Employers Look For When Hiring Recent Graduates
…isn’t something that can be done on campus. It’s an internship.

Before you retreat to the comment section and scream at me for saying that school, classes, and grades don’t matter, let me say: I don’t think this should be interpreted as a sign that schools, classes, and grades don’t matter. Employers might not crave academic skills.

Tech Leaders Tell Interns What They Wish They Knew At Age 20

Hundreds of Bay Area interns lined up on Tuesday to hear some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley share what they wished they knew when they were 20 at a recruiting event called Internapalooza.

7 Ways Internships Are Way Different than Classroom Learning – The Savvy Intern by YouTern

As many begin their internships and dive into the work, they quickly discover that their expectations were a little off. From what you must wear, to the demonstration of your work ethic, and all the way to how deadlines are perceived in the workplace…

7 Ways to Boost Your Resume While You’re Still in College

There are a lot of ways to do all the things you have to do (and love to do) in college, while also polishing up that resume that has been gathering dust over the past 4-6 years. However, we’re not talking about the stuff everyone knows about – internships, student leadership and getting good grades.

6 Reasons Internships Are A Must In College

A growing number of universities now require students to complete an internship before graduation. If I ran a university, I would seriously consider doing the same. Before we get into why internships are so valuable, I’d like to take a moment to say not all internships are created equal.

How Dominate Your Internship

When college graduation is right around the corner, it doesn’t just mean enjoying the last semester and preparing for finals — it also means a mountain of job and internship applications. Lauren Berger, known as The Intern Queen, joined HuffPost Live to discuss some of her internship survival tips.

10 Mistakes to Avoid as You Start That Summer Gig – The Savvy Intern by YouTern

You’re about to start your summer internship or job, or maybe your first real gig after graduation. Of course, you want to start off on the right foot, making a positive impression on your new boss and colleagues. So now is a good time to avoid some all-too-common rookie mistakes, like these…

15 Ways To Stand Out As An Intern

It’s intern season again. That means thousands of ambitious college students and recent grads are about to embark on an eight-week journey in which they’ll gain invaluable experience. Not only will each intern get their foot in the door – but they’ll also have the opportunity to hone their skills, build their resumes, network with professionals, and increase their chances of landing a full-time position.

How to Conquer 8 Common Intern Fears – The Savvy Intern by YouTern

Fetching coffee. Making thousands of copies. At one point, these were just two of an intern’s not-so-favorite things. Today, an intern deals with many more issues – and a recent article named “14 Awfully Frustrating Things That Every Intern Goes Through” lists many of them.

These 16 Former Interns Now Rule the World [Infographic] – The Savvy Intern by YouTern

Companies are now beginning to realize that a strong intern can be the key to their company blooming into a large scale competitor — especially in the tech industry. We are seeing businesses begin to allow interns to actually get their hands dirty and excel doing real work. What’s the catch, though?