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The Complex Dynamics of Geyser Eruptions

Old Faithful Geyser erupts on a clear winter day in Yellowstone National Park (Credit: Jacob W. Frank, National Park Service. Public domain.)Natural geysers are rare on Earth; there are fewer than 1,000 worldwide, and about half of them are in Yellowstone National Park.

Maps highlight shadows on hills and mountains in the US and Europe

The maps, called ‘Shadow Lands’, reveal how America and Europe look just before sunset The creator, Robbie Bishop-Taylor, used data from NASA and an algorithm to design the maps Each map shows the intricate details of hills, mountain ranges and plains on the two bodies of land A stunning series of maps reveal how America and Europe look just before sunset.

How NASA and the UN are using location intelligence to build smart cities in developing countries

For smart cities to succeed, they require real-time, location-based strategies, solutions and responses to effectively deliver the services that make cities work. These include everything from health and education to sanitation collection. To date, the limited capacity and capabilities of the developing world has meant that they have not had the same opportunities as developed countries for the development and consumerism of geospatial technologies.

This Singaporean startup goes beyond bikes, lets people share electric scooters

Singapore hasn’t been spared from the onslaught of bike-sharing startups, as the colorful multitudes of Obike, Mobike, Ofo, and who knows who else at this point, can attest to. Local startup Neuron Mobility has a slightly different plan: what if dockless bikes but also, docked electric scooters?

Spatial Data Heats Up Business Apps

When spatial data and business data meet up in an integrated platform, business apps gain consumer-app functionality, like heat maps, bubble charts, and location-based data that we all know and love. In “The Chronicles of Narnia,” the Pevensie children walk through a wardrobe and find themselves in a magical land where a lion rules and animals speak.

Couple Flies Small Helicopter Over the Atlantic to Record Melting Ice

“Usually if it’s been done, I’m not too interested in it.” That’s according to National Geographic explorer Eddie Kisfaludy, a marine biologist, pilot, and extreme data collector. With his company SciFly, Kisfaludy gathers data from some of the most intense and remote environments on the planet.

Mapping benefits changes: how GIS can help | James Jervis

Most people, if they think about geographic information systems (GIS) at all, will think of a mapping system. But in housing, GIS is rapidly becoming a strategic tool, to help predict the impact of policy changes.

GIS: A Powerful Tool to Be Used With Caution

Scientists recommend using the system with caution.

GIS an important tool in epidemiology – Victoria Advocate

I started my internship with the Victoria County Public Health Department about three months ago. During my time here, I have learned a lot about the processes and methods necessary to disseminate large data sets and how to track infectious disease clusters.