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The latest news and information on Geothermal Energy

How geothermal could help a struggling oil & gas sector in Alberta, Canada

“We’ve got these old wells that we know are hot and we’re going to fill them with cement and walk away,” says Tim Davies, CEO of the geothermal company Turkana. “It’s just stupid.” “I own the well, I own the land and I own the oil. But I can’t own the heat,” Davies said.

The rejuvenating geothermal spas of Hungary

For thousands of years Hungary has been renown for its warm, mineral rich spring waters. Spas have been a cultural tradition for locals and has been an attraction for visitors from far and wide.

Geothermal technology picking up steam in Washington state

Geothermal heating and cooling isn’t as prominent as other power sources in Washington state. Near Ellensburg, giant wind turbines can’t be missed. On the Columbia River, huge dams and their spillways make for tourist attractions. Towering transmission lines march across the sagebrush, delivering electricity to the region.

Screening tool developed to assess seismic risks from geothermal energy projects

A new screening tool to assess the potential seismic risks (earthquake activity) from deep geothermal energy projects has been outlined in a recent study. The tool provides categories of seismicity risk for projects, which are dependent on factors including geological aspects, as well as social concern and location in relation to urban areas.

Workshop on how drilling competence is vital for geothermal energy industry

A recent workshop held in Norway on Market and Technology Trends in Geothermal Energy in Norway, discussed the importance of drilling competence in geothermla energy development. Organised by GCE NODE and Sintef, around 30 people discussed how geothermal energy represents new market opportunities for drilling experts, highlighting though the fact that the cost of drilling has to come down.

Los Angeles secures clean energy future with new geothermal project

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has entered a power purchase agreement (PPA) for geothermal power that will provide enough energy to power 208,000 homes. The move was approved by the City Council on 16 May and signed by Mayor Eric Garcetti just three days later.

Little-studied island holds life, geothermal energy potential

The nearest town is 37 miles of wilderness and ocean away from the shores of Augustine Island, but the island still brims with life. In early June, birdsong whistles through the air from birds hidden in the low alder thickets. Fresh rain drips from the leaves onto the grasses, rolling downhill into the low lying areas where insects hum.

Geothermal heat crucial element in heating for Paris airports

Significant reductions in CO2 emissions at major airports in Paris due in large part to geothermal energy. In a release on its targets for CO2 emissions reductions, Group ADP, which operates the three airports in Paris, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly and Paris-Le Bourget reported that they have reduced CO2 emissions by up to 63% between 2009 and 2016.