Iceland: It’s All About the Hot Dogs

Yes, hot dogs.

When you go to Iceland, be sure to put “Eat a hot dog” at the top of your to-do list. Everyone in Iceland loves hot dogs. Everyone. And you will too, unless of course you’re a vegetarian.

Unlike hotdogs here in America, where they’re often considered low-end fast food or they are outrageously expensive, (think sporting events- the average price of a hot dog at an NFL game is $5.38!) in Iceland they are a point of national pride, and they are also cheap- good news for travelers on a budget! For what is almost guaranteed to be the best hot dog of your life, you’ll shell out about 380 Icelandic Krona or about three bucks.

So what makes these hot dogs so delicious? The Icelandic hot dog is a perfectly savory blend of beef, pork, and lamb. The traditional and the best way to order one (or five) is “with the works” and here’s what you’ll get: A dollop of Ketchup, lightly spiced mustard, remoulade-a fancied up tartar sauce, fried onions, and raw onions. Basically Heaven on a bun.

Panroamers, YOU are in luck because the home of the best Icelandic hot dog is in Reykjavik. The name of the place even says so: Baejarins Beztu Pylsur, or in English, The Best Hot Dog in Town. Would we send you to any place less than the best of the best?

Baejrain’s Beztu Pylsur has been in business since 1937, so they’ve definitely had time to perfect their craft. As a testament to their gastronomical genius, they’ve received numerous “best hot dog” awards, even including The Guardian’s “Best Hot Dog of Europe” award. This little hot dog stand has even been visited by Bill Clinton, Madonna, and Metallica. Big deal.

At Panrimo, we love to encourage you to live like a local, and going to Baejarin’s Beztu Pylsur is a great way to do just that. The majority of people from the Reykjavik area have been there, so for an authentic Icelandic experience, you should go too! We can’t say that you won’t have to brave a long line, especially if you’re going for a late night snack after hanging out with friends, but as any wise grandma will tell you, good things come to those who wait. So the next time you’re out cheering on your favorite sports team, snack on some peanuts or popcorn and save that five bucks for a real hot dog. Then instagram a photo of yourself eating it and make everyone jealous! And don’t forget your hashtags: #baejarinsbeztu #panrimo