Geothermal Internship in Iceland

geothermal internship

What might a geothermal internship with Panrimo look like?

In Iceland, an internship might look something like this:

You will work in the world headquarters of a geothermal company that develops geothermal resources for utility power production, and will gain both office experience, in addition to fieldwork with geologists.



Working a full work week alongside of employees, you will process geological and geochemical data taken from worldwide projects and digitize it with open source GIS software, as well as helping with other geological geochemical tasks.



You will be working with employees who have worked on developing one of the world’s largest geothermal facilities in the world, and in addition, several geologists will be available for you to work them in the field.

You don’t need to worry about nerves; the internship also includes a supervisor who will be there to help with any problems and show you the ropes.


Geothermal Internship


Conveniently located in downtown Reykjavik, you will be close enough to experience life in Iceland while also gaining valuable work experience.