Carlsberg Brewery Excursion

Copenhagen Excursion Denmark

When you intern in Copenhagen one of the excursions that comes along with is a tour of Carlsberg Brewery. Not only is it really cool to see the history of the place, but the tour also comes with free beer!

First, you’ll hop on a bus in downtown Copenhagen that takes you right to the Brewery. It’s a big green bus that says Carlsberg – you can’t miss it!

On the tour, with guided and unguided sections, you’ll learn about the history of founder Carl Jacobson, the history of the company, as well as the process of making beer itself.

One of the first things you’ll see on your tour is the largest collection of unopened beer bottles in the world, with over 10,300 bottles.

The collection is organized in geographical order followed by breweries and brands.

What you see at Carlsberg is more authentic and original than at some other breweries. Walk through the spaces where the beer used to be made; walk the hallways where the employees walked, and even see the original lockers the employees used!

You’ll see the original equipment that was used to create the beer.

Walk around on the grounds, and see the second Little Mermaid sculpture.

Enjoy drinks and lunch out on the patio.

Walk through the stables and get up close with the horses.

You can even take a horse carriage ride all around Carlsberg City.

At the end of the tour, head up to the Jacobsen Brewhouse & Bar where you can watch modern brewers while they work, and you enjoy a pint.

While you’re walking around in the modern section, take a sniff of different ingredients used to make various brews.

Interning with Panrimo isn’t just all work and no play. Enjoy your day out at Carlsberg Brewery when you intern with us in Copenhagen!